Sharon Steeber


Reading Faster and Understanding More, Books One & Two, 5th edition
co-authored with Wanda Maureen Miller

These comprehensive and well-organized workbooks are packed with captivating readings. Integrating vocabulary and study skills throughout, every chapter offers strategies for improving reading comprehension and reading rate, plus ample opportunity for practicing those skills.

The Jews
From Russia to America . . .
this is the story of the LUMINOVS.

ZAVEL & MARYA—Fleeing from the Russian pogroms, they come to a new land . . . not knowing or understanding the test that awaits them.

DANIEL & ALMA—Forbidden to marry, their hopes shattered by the bitter hatred of their parents, they learn the cost of rebellion . . . and pledge their lives with a bond more sacred than marriage.

SADIE & CHRISTOPHER—She is a flapper in the Jazz Age, he heir to the Harrington fortune. They have everything they want, but they live in a nation that envies their wealth and pays with violence.

DAVID & ZOSA—fiercely loyal to each other, clinging to their transcendent ambitions.

THE JEWS is an expansive novel of this family’s achievements, of a people’s heritage . . . and of the nation they helped build with their pride and dedication.

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Textbook series
Improve comprehension, vocabulary, and reading rate—these workbooks put it all together and show you how.
In this family saga, follow three generations of the Luminov family as they are forced to flee Russia in the late 1800s and forge a new life in America.

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